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Advertising involves more than simply plastering your brand and message everywhere.  Especially in today's era of new medias and social networking.  Now you have to not only do more than promote a brand, you have to communicate responsibly with a socially active world using new methodsfrom constantly refreshing your site with new original content to Facebook status updates, from blogging to Twittering, from bookmark sharing to video sharing promotions.

Traditional advertising is actually still a new game, emerging in magazine advertisements before the turn of the 19th century.  The next big leap was TV show sponorship and then the television commercial.  But with the commercialization of the internet, there are now so many avenues and opportunities for so many forms of advertising, it is getting hard to keep track of them all.

However, with so many new open doors for advertising and marketing campaigns, any business of any size now has unprecedented access to affordable advertising and marketing means no matter their budget.  In the meantime, this also helps level the playing field somewhat, as many of the larger firms, corporations and old school businesses out there either do not know how, or are just plain too lazy to learn new advertising techniques and marketing methods, or just don't take such new opportunities seriously enough to be effective at them.

But now you have AdWorking, where we want to share with you those same methodoligies and techniques that others are stumbling all over.  We hope to be of service to you either through pointing out the proper ways to accomplish effective advertising and marketing, or as our clients.

To be sure, this is a very diverse and deeply entailed subject that will take years to document.  To complicate matters the technologies we use on a day-to-day basis are constantly changing and producing wildly opposing scenarios for meeting the demands of such new tech.  But even as we are faced with new technologies and challenges we understand that effective marketing is socially aware, responsible advertising that makes use of common sense which establishes guidelines for simple and effective messages that are not shot-down by emerging protocols to clarify established technology and its intent.

All in all, this will be a very complex and varied subject to tackle.  Those that are unfamiliar with it may become overwhelmed.  However, our goal is not to part with our knowledge and techniques, but to illustrate them. By demonstrating our ideas and their implementation we hope to better communicate with our client, as well as win over new clients that cannot expend the resources required to better brand and promote their businesses as effectively as possible.

For now, we open with this page.  Expect this site to change over time.  We expect to do you and your business great good as a branding and marketing tool.  Please revisit this site often for updates and pointers on how to work your ads and advertise your business more effectively through multiple opportunity streams, medias and methodology.

Ad Working: Advertising in a new media eraSM
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